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21.05.2014 "The additional terminal building is going to be completed in the first week of June"

"The additional terminal building is going to be completed in the first week of June"

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21.05.2014 Ancient city will be opened for tourism

Ancient city will be opened for tourism..

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23.04.2012 48th Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey begins..

48th Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey begins..

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22.01.2012 Alanya castle ropeway project

Alanya Municipality plans to build a ropeway to the Alanya Castle.

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Property Purchase Information

Property Purchasing in Turkeyreal estate alanya turkey

Estate Alanya offers properties suiting all budgets. We have very large selection of properties and Estate Alanya is at your service to help you with every single step through the formalities. Buying property in Turkey is easier than you think and far more inexpensive than you may imagine.

Purchasing properties for private use in Turkey is not as complicated as you might think. The procedure is often far simpler than in most other European countries. Foreigners may purchase land and property in Turkey under their own names provided that the properties are located anywhere except restricted military zones and registered as agricultural land.

The new owner of a property receives a "Title deed" (Tapu) in Turkish. The Tapu is the official document proving ownership of a property. The Land Registry Office, which is a State Department is the only authority to transfer the title deed to your name. No other person or authority is able to transfer the title deed to your name. The title deed may be transferred once checks have been made to ensure the property meets all the necessary requirements.

Important points for buying property in Turkey

Q. What nationalities are permitted to purchase a property?
A. Some of the countries Turkey has a reciprocal agreement for the purchase of land and properties;
England, Ireland, Germany, Holland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, USA, Spain, Italy, Canada, Luxembourg, Australia, France, Greece, Portugal, Poland, Croatia, Israel, Finland, Estonia, Hungary, and some African and South American states.

Q. How long does it all take and how does it work?
A. It takes between 2 to 5 months to receive the final Tapu ( Title Deeds)
After signing the reservation contract, the copies of the buyers passports will be handovered to the local land registry office, the copies and the official papers showing the location of the property will be sent to a Military Head office in Izmir to be checked that the mentioned property is not in a Military Zone. After the approval of the permission our company pays on your behalf the necessary fees and taxes to the authorised bank and to the tax office in Alanya. The official receipts of these taxes and fees will be declared during the transaction in the Land registry office. Finally the buyer and seller signs the land registry book under the supervision of an official interpreter.

Q. Do I have to be a resident or have a resident's visa to purchase?
A. No, to buy a property you do not have to have a residents visa. This is only required if you want to stay longer than three consecutive months, or wish to have a phone or buy a car. Then the three months tourist visa is not enough.

Q. Do I have any Taxes and fees to pay for the purchasing?
A. There are some one off taxes and fees payable:

Purchase tax which is 3,3% of the declared value of the property,
Education and earthquake tax (DASK)
All formal documentation and copies

When buying a home from Estate Alanya, there are no hidden fees or charges of any kind. To ensure a smooth buying process & put your mind at ease, all legal fees & associated costs are included in a one off standard fee paid on completion.

alanya, real,estate, turkeyQ. What would be the running costs?
A.Conveyance tax:
3,3% of the property value stated in the Tapu Office. This is paid at one of the State Banks at the time of conveyance (the amount stated in the Tapu Office is lower than the real property value and approximately between 500-2.000 Euro).

• Fee for certified translator at the Tapu Office. A certified translator is required by law to translate the document to the foreign national.
• Registration fee at the Tapu Office
• Giving power of attorney (if you wish)
• Obtaining "Completion Report" (Newly built properties only)


Property tax:
0,1% of the property value declared by the local municipality (to be paidbefore the end of May each year).

Electricityalanya, turkey, real, estate, property, tapu, title, deed
New connection of electricity meter:
Approx. 100 Euro (once only)
Energy cost per kwh:
Approx. 0,10 Euro

New connection of water meter:
Approx. 60 Euro
Water cost per m3:
Approx. 0,75 Euro